PTSA Officer Duties


President – Leads the efforts of the PTSA in achieving a strong partnership between the staff, parents and students through communication and recognition.

Vice-President – Assists the President in facilitating the PTSA sponsored programs.

Secretary – Takes attendance and minutes at each PTSA Board and General Meeting. Distributes the minutes to all board members for approval and records any changes necessary. Maintains a record of all historical minutes and official records of the PTSA and ensures that current year’s minutes are available on the PTSA website and at the school. Collects a signed confidentiality agreement from each board member at the beginning of their term.

Treasurer – Accounts for all monies coming in and going out of the PTSA. Pays all legitimate PTSA bills, and collects & deposits all monies brought in by PTSA. Generates an annual budget for approval by the Board and General Membership. Generates and presents a financial report at all PTSA board meetings. Has an annual audit done of the account, and files any required tax forms.

Committee Positions

Communications – Facilitates good communication between the school, the PTSA, and the school families. Oversees the PTSA newsletter, promotes Panther Creek’s Facebook groups, and prepares the PTSA updates submitted to Panther Creek for email distribution.

Web Site Coordinator – Maintains our PTSA web site that is linked on the PCHS web site.

Loyalty Rewards Coordinator – Encourages people to sign up for our local business rewards through partnerships with Harris Teeter, Amazon, Kroger, Lowes Foods and Publix. Communicates with the rewards program businesses, tracks the funds received and reports these amounts to the board. Keeps up to date on the status of current rewards programs and is on the look-out for any new programs that may become available.

Catamounts Nights Out Coordinator – Arranges PCHS nights at local businesses that will give a portion of the proceeds from the night to our PTSA. Contacts businesses and makes the arrangements for a specific night and amount/percentage that they are willing to donate. Word is spread to our families and students through the use of the PTSA website, school announcements, and Facebook.

Membership Chairperson– Works with the board to help drive and issue membership to the PTSA from the parent, teacher and student community. Memberships are promoted at various parent nights and ongoing throughout the year through email communication, staff announcements and Facebook. The coordinator also coordinates payments to the State and National PTA, tracks membership and funds received and communicate results to the Board.

Senior Activities – Works with student council leaders and PCHS staff to coordinate and communicate senior activities, especially those sponsored by the PTSA. Solicits support, both monetary and time, from Senior Parents to supplement budgeted amounts for various events. Sells senior yard signs in the spring.

Staff Appreciation – Organizes special events for the staff, traditionally a kick-off event before school starts and a spring luncheon. Provides gifts and treats to the staff throughout the year. This position is often co-chaired. Funds to support staff appreciation are budgeted and provided through the PTSA.

Student Recognition Chairperson - Oversees all the student recognition programs sponsored by PTSA. Purchases supplies needed, collects names of eligible students, distributes awards to staff and students. Programs historically provided include:

Reflections Chairperson – Coordinates the Wake County Reflections program in the fall at PCHS. Advertises the program, collects the submissions, arranges for judging and sends off the winners. Thank you gifts are provided to the judges and a small celebration is arranged for the winners.

Audit Committee – Reviews the monthly bank statements and reconciliations provided by the treasurer to ensure that all monies are accounted for. Conducts an audit at the end of the fiscal year. Must have a minimum of 3 people on the committee.

​Nominating Committee – Recruits qualified volunteers for all PTSA positions. Must have a minimum of 3 people on the committee.